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      Personal Injury Rights and Brexit

      The exact manner and specifics of the UK leaving the European Union remain unclear.  The results of the numerous parliamentary votes due to take place tomorrow should clarify the situation, at least somewhat.  The effect Brexit will have on our rights, however, will remain unclear for the foreseeable future.

      Many rights in the UK are born from inclusion of EU directive laws into our own laws.  If, for example, you’ve recently made a personal injury claim, it’s possible that the law which allowed you to do so was derived from a European directive.

      Several areas of personal injury law are impacted by EU directives, but two of the most common are accidents at work and injuries that occur due to faulty goods.  The legislation which protects worker safety in the UK is heavily derived from European law, as is that which protect the public from injury in faulty goods cases.  Additionally, if you suffer an injury as a result of an accident in an EU member state, you’re able to bring your claim for compensation in the UK, as opposed to the country you were injured.

      What will change?

      Initially, nothing.  When the UK exercise Article 50 it will not repeal UK law which is derived from EU law.  For any legislation to change full parliamentary process must be given to the specific piece of legislation.  This means that changes to specific laws will take time and that from day one of a post-Brexit world your rights will, at least for some time, stay the same.

      Personal injury law reform is, however, on the government’s agenda, with changes to road traffic accident protocols the latest area of modification.

      We’ll be keeping a close watch on any potential changes to personal injury legislation as a result of Brexit and will keep this blog, and our clients, updated so that they are always fully aware of their rights.

      If you have any questions relating to your rights and personal injury do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


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