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      Buying and selling a house can be one of the biggest decisions of your life and as such, quite stressful. Our conveyancing solicitors in Rotherham understand this and are here to help. Our experienced team will go the extra mile to help you eliminate any problems or worries.

      Why should you should you choose our conveyancing solicitors in Rotherham?

      • Our firm has been delivering a top-quality conveyancing service to clients in Rotherham and nationwide for over 100 years
      • All members of our conveyancing team are highly experienced with detailed knowledge of the subject
      • We will keep you involved in the process and update you every step of the way
      • There are no hidden fees

      Our head of department, Neil Oliver, has over 30 years of experience as a conveyancing solicitor in Rotherham. During this time, he has dealt with many thousands of conveyancing cases and is an expert in all areas, certified by The Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme Accreditation.

      For all work our conveyancing solicitors in Rotherham provide a free, no obligation, quote. You can secure this quote on our website, through the use of our online form, or by calling us on 01709 363876. In addition, you could e-mail us at, whichever method is best for you.

      Areas of Expertise

      Choosing a Conveyancing Solicitor

      When you’ve decided it is time to buy or sell a house the next step is to decide which conveyancing solicitor to use. When deciding this, most people look at trust, familiarity and price. At Arthur Jackson & Co we provide a service you can trust, from people familiar with your community, at a fair and reasonable price that you can afford.

      How Long Will My Conveyancing Matter Take?

      As with any area of law, all matters are different. Factors such as whether the seller has vacated, or if the buyer has already secured a mortgage, can help to speed up the process. If neither of these are the case, we'd generally expect your conveyancing matter to take between 9 and 12 weeks to complete.

      What Are The Processes of Conveyancing?

      Stage One: Pre-Contract

      Once you have decided that you want one of our conveyancing solicitors in Rotherham to assist you through the process of buying or selling a house then the first stage is something we refer to as pre-contract. During this stage, if you are buying, you will need to formally apply for a mortgage, and any surveys or inspections will need to be organised.

      If we are helping you sell your property we will obtain a copy of the registry entrys for the property and then prepare a contract for the sale. Once this contract is prepared it will be sent to the buyer's solicitor. If we are helping you buy your property then at this point we will begin to carry out all necessary searches. This is to make sure you are buying what you think you are buying.

      We advise all of our clients to take a neutral look at the house they are wanting to buy, so they can identify anything that might concern them. If the searches, or your own inspection, bring up any issues we will raise them for you to try and get them resolved.

      When all searches and enquiries have been satisfactorily answered your conveyancing solicitor in Rotherham will report to you. This report will cover all aspects of your purchase or sale and ensure that you know everything about the transaction.

      This will allow you to make an informed decision on whether you want to proceed. If you are satisfied with everything, at this is the stage, then you will sign any necessary documents.

      Stage Two: Exchange of Contracts

      At this stage, once all necessary documents are signed, and the deposit has been transferred to the buyer's solicitors, then you are ready to exchange contracts. This is when you become locked in to completion of the deal.

      Stage Three: Completion

      This stage involves payment of the purchase price balance and the legal transfer of the ownership on the agreed date of completion. More importantly for you, it involves the handover of the keys. This is the day for you to either move in, or move out. Before this can happen the necessary Transfer Deed must be prepared and signed, final searches carried out to ensure that no bankruptcies are involved and that all existing mortgages are known about and dealt with, as well as all necessary money drawn down.

      We will ensure that all of this, and any other necessary work, is done to ensure that you have as trouble free day as possible.

      Stage Four: Post-Completion

      Despite the fact that you've moved home we will not be finished working for you. All land in England and Wales must be registered at H. M Land Registry. Once you have moved in successfully we'll get right to work on this for you and get you listed as the property owner. This part of the process usually takes around 4 to 6 weeks. In some cases it can take considerably longer.

      When you are officially registered we will send copies of the Title Information Document to you, and your mortgage company, along with any other documents relating to your property. These documents should be kept by you for future reference.

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