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      Sale & Purchase

      Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring ownership of a property from one person to another.  This can be a lengthy and difficult process, but our conveyancing solicitors in Rotherham can help to eliminate any difficulties that may arise, whether you are selling a property, purchasing one – or both.

      Every housing transaction is different, but they all follow a very similar set of steps:


      Step One – Draft Contracts

      • A draft contract is prepared by the selling parties solicitor.  This contract will set out the terms of sale, covering details such as the asking price and whether the property is a freehold or leasehold.  It will also address matters such as the boundaries, any covenants which impact the property and whether there are any on neighbour disputes.
      • Our conveyancing solicitors will go through the draft contract and send you all the necessary forms, and paperwork. If you or we have any questions at this stage then we will raise these for you with the seller’s solicitors.
      • Arthur Jackson & Co’s conveyancing department handles both sales and purchases of properties and can assist you with either side of this process, whether you are buying a home, or selling one.


      Step Two – Searches

      • If you are purchasing a property your solicitor will organise searches to obtain important information, about the property or plot of land.  The most common searches are with the Local Authority.  These will highlight whether the property is listed, if it has had planning permission or building regulations approval for any works, whether the road is adopted, as well as various other details.  In addition your conveyancing solicitor will also obtain a water and drainage report, a mining report and a basic environmental report.  All of these will be copied to you with our comments on them.
      • It is important, as well to obtain the title of the property – ensuring that the seller owns the property and has the right to sell it.   This, as with the above reports and searches, is something that your solicitor will obtain and keep you informed on throughout the process.


      Step Three – Mortgage(optional)

      • If you are using a mortgage to purchase a property, your mortgage lender will need to confirm the value of the property to make sure that it’s a fair reflection of the loan.
      • Your Arthur Jackson & Co representative will also check that any conditions set out in the mortgage offer are met.  It may be the case that you want, or need, a more detailed survery performing due to the mortgage conditions.  If this the case your conveyancer will arrange this for you.


      Step Four – Contracts

      • When everything is satisfactory then your conveyancing solicitor will go through all of the contractual papers with you, and if you wish to proceed you will sign the contract and pay your deposit to your solicitor.  Once you have ‘exchanged contracts’ you will be committed to completing the purchase on an agreed date.  This date will be agreed by you, and the seller(or buyer) in advance of exchanging contracts.
      • Once you have exchanged contracts you should ensure that you put a buildings insurance policy in place.


      Step Five – Completion

      • The final stage of a sale, or(and), purchase of a property is completion.  On the completion date any monies owed to the seller will be paid through your solicitor, and you will receive the keys. This sounds simple, but involves a lot of organisation.
      • Finally after receiving the keys you will able to move in, and start to relax in your new home.  During this time your solicitor will register your title at HM Land Registry – this can take weeks, to months, but when done you, and your mortgage lender, will be sent copies of the title.


      If you are looking to purchase, or sell a property – or both – our conveyancing solicitors in Rotherham can help make the process as smooth and as stress free as possible.  You can contact us to obtain a free quote either through our website, or directly over the phone.

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