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      Selling a Property

      Why Do I Need A Solicitor If I’m Selling My House?


      Selling your property is a big step and it’s important to get it right.  The process involves several legal mechanisms, which if not done correctly could result in your sale falling through, or worse.  It’s important to make sure you are making all the correct representations when selling a property as misleading a buyer could potentially be considered a crime.

      Whilst as a seller you won’t need any local area searches performed, you will need to respond to any enquiries that they might raise.  All in all, the process is well developed and detailed.

      Our conveyancing department have helped people in the local area, and all over the UK, for over a century and are well placed to take you through the process and help to ensure a fast and efficient sale of your property.

      The stages of a conveyancing solicitors work when helping a client sell a property are broken down briefly below, if you have any questions about selling your property, or any of these stages don’t hesitate to get in touch with your team.


      Draft Contracts

      Once you’ve picked your conveyancing solicitor, they’ll draw up the initial contract for the property sale and send it to the buyer’s solicitor

      Handling Enquiries

      Following the initial exchange of documents at times further enquiries will be raised relating to the property.  This could relate to missing documents, or unexpected local area search results – or something else.  In this event it will be your solicitors’ job to respond to any questions.  If necessary, they made need to investigate the issue themselves in order to clarify and satisfy the situation.

      Exchange of Contracts

      After enquiries have been satisfied it is time to exchange contracts.  This exchange is what binds the parties to the performance of the contract.


      The day of the sale.  On completion your solicitor will receive the money for the sale with which, if required, they’ll discharge the mortgage, pay any estate agent fees, their own fees and then transfer the remaining figure to your account.


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