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      Medical Negligence

      Mistakes are a part of life, but if a mistake happens when you’re receiving medical treatment the effects can be lifelong.  Whether you’re visiting the dentist, your GP, or any other licensed medical professional, if they do something wrong you could have grounds for a medical negligence claim.  Our medical negligence solicitors in Rotherham are experienced in bringing claims against all sizes of opponents, from the NHS to individual private practices.


      Why choose our Medical Negligence Solicitors in Rotherham?


      Whilst we understand that a claim for compensation can’t undo the damage, it can at least make rebuilding easier.  Our team have helped clients rebuild in a vast amount of medical negligence claims, ranging from cosmetic damage to wrongful amputation, and everything in between. 


      Risk Free

      If you think you may have suffered because of medical negligence in the Rotherham, Sheffield or the wider South Yorkshire areas you can take advantage of our free consultation.  In your consultation you’ll get the information you need to move forward, without obligation or risk.


      Personal Service

      When you decide you want us to represent you, you’re ensuring you get the close personal service you need to get the best result for you.  Our medical negligence team will work closely with you and pay special attention to how you are effected.  This is something which we feel missed by national firms and is a reason we pride ourselves on being a local firm for local people.


      When can I make a Medical Negligence claim for compensation?

      If you’ve suffered because of your healthcare provider, you could make a claim.  This includes if your suffering results from their inaction, such as if they have failed to diagnose you resulting in your condition being made worse.

      To be successful, we will need to prove four things

      1. Duty of Care
      2. Breach of Duty
      3. Causation
      4. Value


      Duty of Care

      In medical negligence claims it is often easy to secure this step the duty of care owed by a doctor, or other medical professional, to the patient is an accepted standard.


      Breach of Duty

      If someone has injured you because of their treatment, we must prove that that is because the standard of treatment was worse than the accepted level for a reasonable medical professional.  This will involve comparing the events that led up to your injury with accepted medical practice.



      The first method of proving causation is the ‘but for’ test- But for the negligence of the defendant you would not have suffered an injury.  If we can’t prove causation through a ‘but for’ test, then we’ll look at whether your treatment contributed to your injury.



      Once a duty of care, a breach of that duty, and injury causation is proven then we must prove that you have suffered damages because of your injury.  This involves two areas, general and special damages.

      General damages are the compensation for your actual injury, your pain and suffering, whilst special damages are for any financial losses – such as lost wages or travel expenses.


      How long do I have to start a medical negligence claim?

      You have three years from the time of suffering the injury.  There are exceptions to this, such as when mental capacity and children are involved, but we encourage all our clients to visit us as soon as possible.  The sooner you visit with your expert team the sooner we can help you get on the road to recovery.


      How will I pay for my medical negligence claim?


      No Win, No Fee Medical Negligence Claims in Rotherham

      Your claim could be right for a no win, no fee agreement.  This is something we’ll be to assess during your free consultation.  If your claim is eligible for this agreement, provided you comply to the terms of the agreement, you are exposed to no financial risk.


      Legal Expenses Insurance

      Legal expenses insurance might be packaged in with your household insurance policy or credit card policy.  We encourage you to check what your various insurance and banking policies as they could cover if all or part of their bill.


      Free Consultation
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