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      Cycling Accident Claims


      Road cycling has soared in popularity over the last few decades following the success of Team GB at the Olympic games.  With this rise in popularity has unfortunately seen a rise in road traffic accidents involving cyclists.

      Due to the nature of cycling you are much more exposed to risk of severe injury if you are involved in a road accident.

      Accidents involving cyclists are most often caused by a driver who fails in their duty of care to other road users.  This can include accidents where a driver overtakes a cyclist, but causes an accident due to not leaving a safe distance between his vehicle and the cyclist or when a driver pulls across a junction and does not look, or see, a cyclist and as a result strikes him with a vehicle.  Additionally, it could be because you’ve been ‘doored’ and had a stationary vehicle user open the door of their car directly into your path.

      Cyclists are also more vulnerable than other road users to poorly maintained road surfaces.  If you’ve been hurt, or suffered a loss, as a result of the road surface; potholes; cracks, badly maintained manholes or anything else relating to poor maintenance of the highway then you could be entitled to compensation.   In an instance such as this your claim for compensation will be against whoever owns or occupies the land.  It is important to assess the cause of your accident as soon as possible and collect evidence. 

      I wasn’t wearing a helmet; can I still claim compensation?

      Yes.  It is not a legal obligation to wear a helmet, it is only encouraged.  Reduction in compensation is also not mandated if you fail to wear a helmet.  It could, however, still be a factor when the amount of compensation is decided.

      I didn’t have a light?  Can I still claim compensation?

      Yes.  Unlike wearing a helmet, the use of front and rear lights when cycling in the dark is a legal obligation.  Additionally, cyclists who use their bikes in the dark are also obliged to make the use of reflectors.  Failure to comply with these legal obligations can result in you being considerably less visible and at an increased risk.  If you were injured when not using the correct lights or reflectors on your bike, and it was dark, then your compensation could be reduced.

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