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      Slips, Trips or Falls

      If you were in a public place, and you had a slip, trip or fall, then you might be able to claim for compensation.  You could have had a slipped in a shop in Rotherham town centre.  Fallen due to a wet floor in Meadowhall or been tripped by a paving stone in Sheffield.  In any of these cases, and more besides, our personal injury lawyers in Rotherham can help.


      Types of Accidents


      Accidents in Shops

      You are owed a duty of care by shopkeepers whilst on their premises.  This means that they must take reasonable care to ensure you are not exposed to a risk of injury.


      Accidents on roads or pavements

      The owner of the road or pavement must maintain their standard to a reasonable level.  This is often the local council.


      Accidents in other places

      If an area is open and accessible to the public at large then it too will be covered the duty of care to keep the public safe from injury.


      I’ve suffered a slip, trip or fall, what should I do?

      One of the first things to do is gather evidence.  This means taking pictures, which likely won’t be the first thing on your mind after suffering an injury.  It can be useful to have the following evidence:

      • Pictures of what caused your injury
      • Details of any witnesses
      • Pictures of your injury as it progresses

      We also advise our clients to seek medical help as soon as possible.  Visit your doctor, or hospital, and get treatment for your injuries.  This can help to build evidence of how severe your injury is, and how it affected you – but more importantly, get you on the road to recovery.

      You should also report the incident, when possible, to the person responsible, such as a shop manager.


      How much compensation can I get for my fall?

      As with all areas of personal injury, this will vary depending on your injury and on you.  Our personal injury lawyers in Rotherham will always fight to get you the compensation you deserve.  The team will look at the following to calculate what we think your compensation award should be.

      • Pain and Suffering
      • Loss of Opportunity
      • Loss of Income
      • Expenses
      • Care Needs
      • Home Adaptions


      How long will my slip, trip or fall claim take?

      Because your situation is unique, we can’t give you an estimate without more information.  What we can do is offer you a free, no obligation, consultation where we can discuss this question, and any others.

      Once we’ve got more details, we’ll be able to give you an estimate on how long the process might be.  It’s possible that your claim could take anywhere from months to several years.  Either way, our personal injury lawyers in Rotherham will be there for you every step of the way.


      How will I fund my slip, trip or fall claim?

      At Arthur Jackson & Co Solicitors in Rotherham, we explore all available funding options with our Clients following their initial consultation.  We’ll make sure you are always fully aware of the costs of your case and keep you updated as things progress.


      No Win, No Fee Solicitors in Rotherham

      In many cases we can offer our personal injury clients a no win, no fee guarantee.  If our expert team think this is right for your case, then your financial risk will be eliminated – provided you adhere to the terms of an insurance policy that is generally taken out.


      Legal Expenses Cover

      Often household insurance policies and credit card policies come with legal expenses cover.  We encourage anyone who thinks they might need legal advice to consult with their policies to see if they are covered.


      Trade Union Membership

      If your slip, trip or fall happened at work and you are a member of a trade union then they will likely help with your legal costs.

      Free Consultation
      No Obligation

      Arthur Jackson & Co Solicitors will only use your information for the purposes of your enquiry.