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      When, or why, do I need a Will?

      A lot of us will ask ourselves some form of this question at a point in our lives.  It’s an important question for several reasons.  Primarily a Will can help to give you peace of mind.  We all want to know that our property, possessions, and our wishes will be carried out properly after we’re gone; a Will helps to ensure that they are.

      When someone dies without a Will this is known as intestate and it is governed by specific rules.  In short it will mean that the courts will decide how your assets are passed and this could potentially cause unnecessary conflict and distress.

      Whilst a Will may seem simple, it’s something that is important to get right.  Because any small errors will be open, to potentially incorrect, interpretation and even potentially invalidate the Will.

      Whether you want to ensure a specific share between your family or want to make some specific charitable donations our Wills team can help.

      What do I need to know before making a will?

      When writing a Will, you will need to decide who will be the Executors.  These are the people who will carry out the instructions you leave behind in your will.  It’s an important position and you will want to choose someone you can depend on.

      As far as possessions are concerned specific items can be left exactly how you wish.  For example, there may be a family heirloom you want to leave to a specific person, or an item of specific sentimental value you want to ensure goes to the right place.  These are things which can be listed and guaranteed when you make a Will.  Additionally, any money you leave behind can be distributed exactly to your wishes.

      How can we help?

      Our expert team can give you advice across the entire spectrum of Will enquires.   Whether you need a simple and straight forward single Will or need a complex dual Will with many accounted elements, we can help.

      How to get in touch?

      You can speak with one of our Will team by calling us on 01709 363876.  Alternatively, you can contact us through the form on this website.

      Our Wills & Probate team operate under a competitive fixed fee pricing structure.  We encourage anyone thinking about making a Will, or amending an existing Will to get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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