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      Solicitors in Rotherham Free Consultation

      Have you ever faced a situation where you aren’t sure of your legal rights? You might, for example, have suffered an injury, been treated unfairly at work or be unsure of your family rights. There are many different situations which can present themselves where you might want to ask a solicitor if you have a case.

      At Arthur Jackson & Co Solicitors we understand that paying for an appointment with a solicitor, only to be told you have no legal rights, and that they can’t help you, is an unattractive proposal. For this reason, our solicitors in Rotherham offer a free consultation with a member of one our expert teams. This consultation comes with absolutely no obligation or risk.

      How Do I Get My Free Consultation?

      Getting your free consultation involves one of three simple steps

      The first option is to call our Rotherham office on 01709 363876 and briefly explain your enquiry to one of our communications assistants who will pass your details to the appropriate department.

      Alternatively, you could complete the free, no obligation, consultation form found on this page, or any other page on this website. When you do this the details you enter will go to the team best equipped to help you.

      Lastly you can e-mail us at with a simple explanation of your problem.

      What Does My Free Consultation Involve?

      Generally, your free consultation with one of our Rotherham, or Wickersley, team members will take place over the phone. This will involve you initially outlining the facts of your situation, and being asked a few brief questions.  This enables us to find out if we can help you.

      In some situations, we’ll be able to tell you straight away if we think we can help. It can also be the case that our team member may need to contact you again to explain what we can do for you. In either case this will usually happen the same day as you contact us.

      We don’t place a time on your initial free consultation as some situations can be explained in a few minutes and some can take longer. It’s important to us that you don’t feel any pressure or stress when explaining what is already likely a stressful situation.

      Which Areas of Law Do We Offer a Free Consultation?

      We offer a free consultation in the following areas:

      What About Other Areas?

      If your enquiry is about Conveyancing or Wills, Probate & Trusts then this is often fixed fee work where you will already know that you need a solicitor and for this we can offer a free, no obligation, quote.


      For Conveyancing you can get a free quote directly on this website, or by calling or e-mailing one of our locations.

      Wills, Probate & Trusts

      If your enquiry is about Wills, Probate & Trusts then we have detailed pricing available on our website. This can also be accessed by contacting us on the phone or by e-mailing us.

      Anything Else

      In any other situation we encourage you to contact us to find out if we can help. Just because your situation doesn’t fit in a box it does not mean you can’t get the help you need. If that is the case give us a call and we’ll see what we can do.

      Free Consultation
      No Obligation

      Arthur Jackson & Co Solicitors will only use your information for the purposes of your enquiry.